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Search engine market share 2012 Hong Kong

A month after Bing surpassed Yahoo to became the No. 2 search engine in the U.S., Yahoo’s search share continued to decline in the New Year, according to Meanwhile, Google climbed past a 66 percent share of the search market. The search engine rankings for Jan 2012, according to, were: Houseware van rental Reclaimed teak table HKCEE past paper employee self service system 球衣 班衫 波衫 坐骨神經 日本奶粉 rolex gold band banila co 債務重組 event production company wine tasting event 品酒會 red wine google seo 谷歌搜尋引擎優化 CNC LASER 兒童膠椅 化學補習 球衣 波衫 印字 燙畫 環保袋 transmitter Psoriasis Pet Shop 健身動作 英國寄宿學校 旅遊 Brand agency PMP course Office Design 多汗症/汗臭 生髮 IB Tutor Fee 外傭搜尋 生日會 結婚花車 迷你倉庫 Google grew to 66.2 percent (up from 65.9 percent in Dec 2011). Bing grew to 15.2 percent (up from 15.1 percent). Yahoo fell to 14.1 percent (down from 14.5 percent). Ask grew to 3 percent (up from 2.9 percent). AOL remained unchanged at 1.6 percent. At this time last year, Google had 65.6 percent market share; Bing was in third place at 13.1 percent; Yahoo was in second place with 16.1 percent; Ask was at 3.4 percent; and AOL was at 1.7 percent. Google’s share hasn’t been this high since November 2010, when Google commanded 66.2 percent of the search market, according to More than 17.8 billion explicit core searches were conducted in January. This is down 2 percent from December. Google led the way with 11.8 billion of the total searches (down 2 percent from December); Bing ended up with 2.7 billion (down 2 percent), followed close by Yahoo with 2.5 billion (down 5 percent). Ask Network had 527 million searches (down 1 percent), followed by AOL with 277 million (down 3 percent). In Jan 2011, 68.4 percent of searches carried organic search results from Google (up from 68.1 percent in December), while Bing powered around 26.5 percent of searches – unchanged from Dec 2011.