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According CNNIC ( 中國互聯網路訊息中心) report released in January 2011, China’s Internet users reached to 457M users (of 1.8B in the world) by end of 2010. In addition, (新華網) on May 4, 2011 is reporting that the total purchase online in China in 2010 is RMB498B and 70% of the deals are done on (淘寶網). Did these figures impress you?? There is a very huge market in China and you can actually reach target customers with very targeted approach which traditional media cannot provide you. You can select by age, sex, education background, job titles, interests, living standards…etc according to the demographics available from different websites and organizations databases. You can use multi-levels communications available online including emails, text messages, display advertisements, social media and etc to reach your most wanted customers. At the same time, there are just so many opportunities with the ever rising number of tourists from China that you can really attract them to come to your shops in Hong Kong through many innovative channels including shopping tours and coupons mailing.